The TOP (Terry On Politics) Blog – Sunday, Oct 25, 2015

25 Oct

Mark Twain on the Benghazi Hearings

I’ve always admired fellow Missourian Mark Twain’s sense of humor when it comes to politics. For example, he (may have) once said:

“Suppose for a moment that you were a politician. Then suppose for a moment that you were a jackass… oh sorry, sorry, I’m repeating myself…”

So one wonders what might Mark Twain have said about the Benghazi Select Committee’s October 22 marathon grilling of Secretary Hillary Clinton? I can’t resist! Here’s my best guess.

In a time when many of us have all but given up on the ability of our elected officials to extend the hand of friendship across the political aisle, it pleases my heart to note that last night we were treated to a truly gracious and entirely unexpected example of giftmanship and skillful political maneuvering.

I am referring of course to the eleven-hour interview of Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton by the Benghazi Select Committee.

I had no idea before watching this spectacle that this illustrious committee was so dedicated to getting Secretary Clinton elected as the next President of our great nation. Nor did I have any inkling of the level of political acumen and effort they were willing to exercise to achieve that goal!

Clearly I am but a rank amateur when it comes to political subtlety. I did not think it humanly possible to make Secretary Clinton look both incredibly competent and deeply worthy of sympathy from everyday working folks, yet these true political geniuses under the brilliant leadership of Chairman Trey Gowdy somehow managed to pull off just that. I am breathless in admiration and respect for such a profound display of skills!

And how can one not admire the committee’s display of the utmost in politically generosity? Those clever scalawags, pretending to despise the Secretary while in fact working feverishly both day and night to ensure her election! The fervor they displayed last night to unite our divided country under Secretary Clinton gives new hope to the cynical of mind, including most of all myself.

Chairman Gowdy, I can only bow my head to you in humble thanks! It is rare indeed to find a man gifted with such a powerful combination of insight, subtlety, and political magnanimity, but in you we have found that man. Your all-but-sealed gift to our nation of a new President Clinton will be spoken of in hushed voices for generations to come.

Especially by Republicans…


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